Libyan Ministry of Transport has announced that the Tanker “Glory”, presently laid up at Alkhoms Seaport, is for sale. Those who are interested in purchasing the tanker are asked to be present at the Ship Sale Committee’s office, the Ministry of Transport headquarters, located in Tripoli Aldahra, during the working hours, starting Monday 15/08/2022, in order to collect the specifications brochure and conditions of sale.

The display and purchasing period ends Sunday 25/09/2022, and the specifications and conditions of sale brochure is for one thousand Libyan Dinars (1000 LYD), non-refundable. The ministry has placed the following number for contact: 00218915409023 , and the following email:  

The Ministry of Transport is responsible for preparing the appropriate infrastructure for various facilities, providing high quality services to develop advance the several components of the transport sector while contributing to the development of the national economy and the service sector.

The Ministry seeks to develop and manage an integrated transport system that provides the highest levels of security and safety in order to enhance efficiency and contribute to achieving sustainable development and communication between the various Libyan cities within the framework of national unity and security.


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Issue 80 of Robban Assafina

(July/ Aug. 2022)


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