Korean Register (KR) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with DSME, agreeing to work together on increased digitalization technology.  KR and DSME will form a joint council and cooperate on smart and autonomous ship technologies and digitalization research.

As explained, the key aspects of the joint collaboration include the development of a smart ship service to improve the safety and efficiency of ship navigation, development of Digital Data Exchange technology, development and verification/certification of autonomous navigation technology, joint development of crew training contents, and digital technology for smart yard implementation which will include smart sea trial operations and digital RT.

The development of, necessity and demand for smart technology is a crucial global issue regardless of industry boundaries. In line with this trend, the shipbuilding industry is accelerating the construction of smart yards and securing core technologies for the autonomous and safe operation of ships.

DSME will lead the development of smart ship and autonomous operation technologies using research from its own smart ship platform (DS4). By utilizing the digital production center currently operating in the Okpo Shipyard, the company plans to speed up the implementation of smart yards by strengthening workplace safety and increasing operational efficiency.

Source: Safety4sea


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Issue 79 of Robban Assafina  



(May./June 2022)



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