The Indonesian Container ship, Mentari Crystal, capsized on November 15 along the pier at Teluk Lamong Terminal, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

The vessel had 137 containers on board, and though all the crew members are safe, the ship became highly unstable due to container stowage and faulty ballasting. Recovery operation for the containers was launched.

Following the Mentari, Crystal capsized incident Teluk Lamong Faruq Hidayat, President Director of PT Terminal guarantees that the operational services at the port terminal are back to normal again.

He explained at a press conference on Monday, November 16 that, “There are several steps we have carried out to normalize operations at our terminal. Shortly after the incident we immediately evacuated the crew members and MV Mentari Crystal containers, the next step was to arrange and adjust the ship berthing service scheme to ensure that the service continues to run normally,”

Thanks to the preparedness and fast coordination carried out by TTL, the service can run normally again and the logistics distribution continues to run smoothly. Hopefully, the evacuation handling can be carried out well,” Arif Toha, Head of Tanjung Perak Main Port Authority Office, said on the same occasion.

Furthermore, Perak Sudiono, the Harbormaster of Tanjung said that his main focus is that logistics flows run smoothly and that the shipping security is maintained. He also said that the National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) along with his office will send a team to collect information and data on the cause of the incident.

Our focus right now is how to keep shipping at the Port of Tanjung Perak uninterrupted, apart from that we also ensure that environmental pollution does not occur as a result of this incident,” Sudiono explained.

One of the measures taken was to place an oil boom at the scene, to save almost 18 crew members from unwanted events. He hopes for a future where such incidents won’t happen.

We appreciate the fast steps taken by TTL after the incident, starting from evacuating the crew and containers to localizing the location, this quick step has allowed other ships to continue operating,” Chairman of Indonesia National Shipowners’ Association (INSA) Surabaya Chapter Stenvens Handry Lesawengen said.

Anthony Sunardi S. as the representative of MV Mentari Crystal owner stressed that the full responsibility for carrying out the evacuation process of the ship will be taken by his company. He emphasized, “We will try to evacuate our ship as quickly as possible so that it does not interfere with service at TTL”.

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