ClassNK warns over hatch covers and coamings deficiencies

Port State Control (PSC) officers in recent inspections have frequently pointed out deficiencies related to the securing devices of cargo hold hatch covers and hatch coamings, according to ClassNK.

Such deficiencies included seizing, damage or missing cleats, as well as damage or wastage of cleat crutches (saddles), etc.

As explained, PSC officers often confirm not only the condition of the hatch cover gaskets, but also the condition of the closing devices. When a defective condition like the above is found, it should be pointed out as a deficiency.

Further, there is a possibility that the deficiency might lead to grounds for detention due to a judgement of a lack of SMS implementation.

Given the above situation, ClassNK recommends that visual inspection and maintenance of securing devices between hatch covers and coamings, including crutches, should be carried out for all ships at appropriate intervals.

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