MMG - Mediterranean Management Group L.T.D

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Address4th Floor, 81 Akti Miaouli Street, Piraeus, Greece

Mediterranean Management Group (MMG) was founded in Greece in 2016 and is recognized as one of the leading Groups specializing in marine services, inspections, and consultation. In 2018 MMG established three sub-companies. “MEMC” Middle East Maritime Consultancy (LEBANON), Levant Shipping (Dubai), and Levant Ship Management (Beirut) are all subsidiaries of MMG.

MMG is focused on giving clients information and helping with requests to accomplish the most ideal results for their fleet, organization, and operation. MMG has laid out a profound comprehension of flag state requirements, port state control obligations, and "IMO" necessities, permitting us to achieve the accompanying:  Ship Management: as an independent third-party ship management business we operate a variety of vessels such as bulk carriers, container boats, car carriers, and oil tankers. Supervision: Strongly advise specifications and equipment to fulfill the vessel's requirements.  Flag Registration: We register vessels in a variety of flag and commercial registrations, as well as their requirements.

MMG aim for customer satisfaction and strive for continuous improvement - with the use of company operating KPIs we are able to constantly measure, monitor, and improve our performance and safety standards. Performance and internal relationships are important to ensure customer satisfaction