Date: 2023-11-15 Duration: 2 Days

This two days’ course “Marine Incident Investigation & Analysis & Risk Management Training Course” will be carried out according to the IMO Casualty Investigation Code, and so it is the suitable training for maritime administrations, all shore-based shipping, company managers, and all shipboard officers who may be involved in casualty, accident or incident investigations.

The issues relating to casualty investigation are fully discussed including different investigation methodologies, interview techniques, witness reliability and the production of investigation reports. The course gives practical experience of accident and incident investigation through the use of role play exercises.

Furthermore participants will learn why and how to investigate incidents taking safety management principles into consideration. The course is highly interactive, switching regularly between input sessions using a presentation style and group work where participants will be involved in a variety of different activities (discussing, analyzing, applying, comparing, categorizing, etc.). 

Course Objectives:
The course aims to enhance knowledge about the framework of maritime casualty investigation and to add specific expertise on issues such as legal considerations, maritime casualty investigation process, data analysis and the Human Element.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Providing an understanding of:
  1.  When an accident investigation must be performed, voluntary or mandatory.
  2.  Determining who is responsible for conducting an accident or casualty investigation;
  3.  Assessing how to prevent reoccurrence of a marine accident or casualty on the same or other ship(s);
  4.  Sources of evidence and the collection of this by investigators; and
  5.  Issuing an accident/investigation report and its use in the public domain. 
  • Learn how to investigate complex incidents and identify root causes, not just causal factors, using proven techniques; 
  • Receive valuable materials; 
  • Use the most advanced techniques in accident investigation with focus on human factors;
  • Make practical recommendations for corrective actions, which will prevent similar events in the future;
  • Use practical tips to write revealing reports; and
  • Use practical and effective interviewing techniques

Who should attend?
Maritime Administrations, Ship Managers, Ship-Owners, Marine and Technical Superintendents, Marine Surveyors and Personnel who may be required to investigate or participate in the casualty investigation of complex incidents, including ship captains, chief engineers, port captains / superintendents, vessel / fleet managers, technical department managers, safety directors / managers or their equivalent; &
Those who need to understand and participate in the decision-making processes that affect their day-to-day and long-term operations.

To participate, please send email to: 
OR  call us at: +961 5 815835